Executive Consultant & Life Coach for Entrepreneurs in Vancouver

Vancouver life & executive coach Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching works with international entrepreneurs in person, on the phone and online to fast track results.


Professional executive consultant services: Monica Magnetti will keep you current in this ever-evolving business world with new and updated strategies.


Monica Magnetti’s executive coaching for entrepreneurs will keep your business branding and online presence relevant in the face of changing rules.


Updating leadership skills for entrepreneurs is vital. Vancouver life coach Monica Magnetti will amplify your focus on prioritizing, budgeting and marketing for faster results.

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Vancouver Executive Coach

Are you where you want to be in your personal and business life?
Is your business, brand and marketing uniquely representing you
as the entrepreneur you are?
Are you always in the right place, no matter the circumstances?

In today’s world, everything is interconnected. Sometimes it’s impossible to differentiate your personal life from your business life.

I Help To Differentiate Personal Life From Your Business Life.

I can help! I offer executive coaching for entrepreneurs and personalized tutorials to advance leadership skills for entrepreneurs and make them applicable in all areas of life.

My multiple certifications as an executive consultant, development coach and life coach make me uniquely qualified:
• SEO training
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, to deliver well-written content optimized with key words for SEO
• Social media training
• Psychology training, to overcome limiting beliefs and succeed in business
• Multiple languages, to think creatively and flexibly
• Clear understanding of technology and how to apply it for best results in online representation

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“My business is my life”

As a Vancouver executive coach, I hear my entrepreneurial clients tell me, “My business is my life.”
The old work-life balance isn’t relevant anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about playing while you work.
How do I support my clients to socialize and recharge? As an executive consultant, I create strategies for hanging out with like-minded people who believe in themselves and the changes they’re making in the world.
It isn’t all about money anymore. The new balance is about excitement, seeking new challenges and creating a legacy of value.
Are you ready to play?

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