Monica Magnettiis a Professional Certified Life Coach in Vancouver.                     Coaching in person, by phone or online.                               COACHING.BRANDING.LEADERSHIP

Life Coach in Vancouver

Are you where you want to be in your personal and business life?

Does your branding and marketing uniquely represent you and your business?

Are you always in the right place, no matter the circumstances?

In today’s world, everything is interconnected. Sometimes it’s impossible to differentiate our personal life from our business life.

I can help! As a brand champion and professional coach with multiple certifications, I can get you where you want to be in both your business and personal life. As a Certified Life Coach in Vancouver


“My business is my life,”

my entrepreneurial clients tell me. The old work-life balance isn’t relevant anymore. The new balance is about playing while you work.

So how do we socialize and recharge? By hanging out with like-minded people who believe in themselves and the changes they’re making in the world.

It isn’t just about money anymore. The new balance is about excitement, seeking new challenges, and creating a legacy of value.

Are you ready to play?


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