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Strength in Numbers: We Are All in This Together!

Strength in Numbers

When I went into business three decades ago, businesses were antagonistic toward each other. Every business wanted to establish its importance, to corner the clientele, to be the only one on the block that mattered. We did not take strength in numbers, we took strength from our solitude.

That was then. Now business owners have a new philosophy: The more the merrier. My clients can be your clients. We are all in this together, providing value to the world!

Why the change? And what does this change mean?

Ever since the new age movement introduced us all to the concept of abundance, business owners have learned that when we get together, everybody wins. This is not about merging our businesses. It’s about promoting our value not only to our clientele but also to our competition. It’s about getting more people interested in what we do so that everyone benefits from our expertise and understands better what their own business is about. Now similar businesses open up in the same area and market their establishments together. In short, they become allies because … there is strength in numbers!

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Savvy B2B Marketing Tips: An Interview with the Six Savvy Sisters

B2B Marketing

The six fabulous guests on this week’s episode of Brand Your Fire, Get What YOU Want radio show call themselves the “Savvy Sisters” and they will be sharing their wisdom about the powerfulness of working in a group and individually on Tuesday May 15, 2012, LIVE 8-9 am PST on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Interview will be played back at 8-9 pm PST and then archived for your convenience.

The savvy Sisters have created a collaborative blog called SavvyB2BMarketing.com to provide other marketers with inspirational and practical strategies. In this interview, they share the story of how their partnership turned into friendship, bringing great business and personal benefits along the way.  Business life can be challenging, but these ladies prove that you don’t have to go at it alone!

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