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Monica Magnetti is a Certified Life Coach in Vancouver, who also provides online coaching, business success coaching, brand identity and management and leadership strategies.

What makes Monica Magnetti the best in the business?

Is it her impressive academic credentials—her Italian schooling, with a diploma in Greek and Latin; her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia; her two Professional Coach certifications?

Or is it her degree from the School of Midlife Crisis and her success in overcoming chronic pain and learning English as an adult?

Monica is proud of all her achievements, but more than anything else she credits her life experience for giving her the tools to help others transform their lives.

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Monica has guided hundreds of local, national and international clients to achieve balance and purpose in their personal and business lives. Her clientele of small business owners, both men and women entrepreneurs, are moved by her boundless creativity and enthusiasm for life.

With deep respect for their unique talents and gifts, Monica takes her clients on an adventure in life, reacquainting them with their powerful selves as they envision and design their future success.

Monica has written five books on personal and professional development and has been recognized for her business coaching services by national and international TV and print media. In the past year, she has written regularly for YourTango.com, and most of her articles have gone into syndication with the Huffington Post and other major online publications.

For Monica, coaching is not a quick fix. It is a journey of rediscovery of the powerful human beings we are. As a multiple certified life coach in Vancouver, Monica has the credentials and experience to dig deep and support her clients as they transform their lives, both in their individual realm and their business arena. 

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Women in Power – Monica Magnetti

Monica Magnetti is a Certified Life Coach in who also holds certifications in Business Success Coaching, Career Advancement Coaching, Management and Leadership strategies. Monica coaches her international clients online or over the phone.  She supports business to understand Brand Identity and and consultas in Website Development to achieve a strong Brand identity.