The Sleep Revolution!

the sleep revolution

Sleep All the Way to the Top

Intuition is important in life. We all live by it every day. Sometimes counter-intuition is even better and can lead us to new and exciting discoveries. I’ve found four counter intuitive concepts that really work, and I’m going to write about them separately:

1. The Sleep Revolution!

2. Slow Down to Get More Done!

3. Less is More!

4. Unplug to Recharge!

These counterintuitive concepts are becoming widely accepted in today’s world. The old life choices are being challenged as we expand our consciousness and open up smarter choices for a fulfilling life.

Most of us are learning to embrace a modus vivendi that reflects contemporary society. No longer do we focus strictly on making money. Instead, life is about self-realization and leaving our mark in the world. (more…)

Optimism or Pessimism? You Have More than Two Choices!

Optimism or Pessimism? You Have More than Two Choices!

Maintaining Balance with Neutrality is Easier Than You Think!

Try Neutrality and Have a Great Day!

Remember when the world was simple? When choices were black or white? If you are a Millennial, you probably don’t remember those times when a decision was an easy “either/or.”

Back then, you could look at life through dark glasses or through rose-colored glasses. If you wore dark glasses, you were called a pessimist. People thought you gave off bad vibes. They might even describe you as an energy vampire who sucked the light out of everyone else.

If you wore rose-colored glasses, you were called a dreamer. You lived in la-la land, disconnected from reality. You believed in angels and talked about precious gifts from the universe. (more…)

Best Leadership Training Tips for Business Success

3 Tips to Understand How Mindfulness Improves Success

How Mindfulness Improves Success

What’s the secret behind the best leadership training for business success? Learning how to set goals and objectives is the first basic step.

Whether in your personal life, your business life or both, when you determine your goals and objectives based on your values and priorities, your chances of reaching your target grow.

Often we base our goals and objectives on what we should do or who we should be, rather than on what we do and who we are. Being motivated by should is a recipe for disaster.

Check out these three tips designed to give you power when setting your goals and objectives for business success. They may just change your life. (more…)

Bring Curious Back with These 4 Tips

Curious Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Curious Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Curious entrepreneurs achieve success. Curiosity is an underrated and, yet, essential quality both in business and personal life. Why? Be curious, read the article below.

When you are genuinely curious, you do not judge. You listen, really listen, to your clients, without letting your own life conditioning get in the way of truly serving clients.

This is equally true of entrepreneurs and business owners. Being genuinely curious is underrated, undervalued, and often just about nonexistent. Not many people are actually curious anymore. When was the last time you asked a question without knowing or assuming the answer? No, really? (more…)

Embrace Change and Increase Business Results

Increase Business Results

Increase Business Results
Embracing change is still a big deal. How do you feel about it?

Because you are reading my blog for business tips, I consider you a well-developed person who has done great spiritual work and carefully assessed topics of importance in your personal life and business life. You have been on your path for a while. Yet how do you really feel about change? (more…)