A New Perspective can Straighten Your Life

An Upside-Down Perspective is a New Perspective!

a New Perspective Can Change Your World

Are you happy in conflict? Probably not. Few of us are. We get caught up in conflict for a lot of reasons. Our sense of entitlement. Our ego. A set of rules we’ve created that only make sense to us, like “It’s her turn to invite me! He should apologize first! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

So much wasted energy! So much needless anxiety! Wouldn’t you rather be happy than right?

This little tale reminds us that sometimes, looking at the world upside down is worth it.

Lessons From a Bat

Contra Ryan is a bat. At night he flies over the countryside using his fine hearing to find his way. In the daytime he hangs upside downnew perspectives are good

on a beam in the barn, resting. For this reason the animals on the farm make fun of him and call him Contra Ryan. (more…)

Let the Rebel in You Break Convention and Judge a Book by Its Cover

judge a book by its cover

Judge a Book by Its Cover

The old saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I recently did just that. I saw a book with a beautiful blue cover and three of my favorite things: a cat, a stack of tarot cards, and some photos. And the author was Italian! How could I resist? I bought the book without opening it—and soon I fell in love with the story. (more…)

Who Are You? – In One Word

Fluid Personal and Business Branding

the new Personal and Business Branding

Less is more! Yes, it’s still true, and it’s becoming truer every day in our business and personal lives.

People’s attention spans have shrunken to just a few minutes or less, leaving no time to take in anything extra. I used to be the Get What You Want! coach. Now those four words are too many. (more…)

Believe in Yourself and Invest in Yourself

time to Believe in Yourself and Invest in Yourself

Succeed in Business with the Right Website

Invest in yourself is the second most important priority when you are an entrepreneur. The first one is that you have to believe in yourself. Then, when you are ready to succeed in business, you will fully embraced that investing in your business means you invest in yourself.

The best way to represent yourself and your business is the website. No brainer, right? Then why are so many new entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-wannabes missing the message? (more…)

Invest in Yourself

invest in yourself Live Your Ideal Life Right Now

When the sun isn’t shining, can you dance with circumstances?

When the stock market is plunging, can you still  live your dream life?

What if you could live a fulfilling, authentic life while on your way to your ideal life—before the kids go off to university, before you pay off the mortgage, before you land a “real” job? What if you could be happy and peaceful in every moment, starting now?

Master your capacities so that nothing can undermine them. Dance with life no matter what the weatherman forecasts. Who would you be now if you had invested in yourself and hired a life coach and business consultant last year?