Invest in Yourself

invest in yourself Live Your Ideal Life Right Now

When the sun isn’t shining, can you dance with circumstances?

When the stock market is plunging, can you still  live your dream life?

What if you could live a fulfilling, authentic life while on your way to your ideal life—before the kids go off to university, before you pay off the mortgage, before you land a “real” job? What if you could be happy and peaceful in every moment, starting now?

Master your capacities so that nothing can undermine them. Dance with life no matter what the weatherman forecasts. Who would you be now if you had invested in yourself and hired a life coach and business consultant last year?

Unplug and Recharge!

Unplug and Recharge the sleep revolution - Vancouver Life Coach Tips

You are not Your Phone!

Finally, we have come to terms with the reality that we are not a machine or a piece of equipment. We plug in our electronic gear to recharge it. We unplug it to recharge ourselves


Less Is More!

less is more in modern days - Vancouver business coach

The Art of Streamlining

Is counter intuition still intuition? You decide. This is the third article in my series of 4 articles targeting the concept of counter intuition. This new concept supports entrepreneurs in both their business and personal lives to navigate the expanding yet shrinking world we live in.

This is the third blog in a series of four. They all present how counterintuitive concepts can work for you. Read them all four. How could you make your life easier by following them?

  1. The Sleep Revolution!
  2. Slow Down to Get More Done!
  3. Less Is More!
  4. Unplug & Recharge!

As a content writer I spend hours shortening my clients’ scripts. Cut. Cut. Cut. Their website content, their marketing, their ads. Then the content goes to my editor, who is a very talented “shortener.” (more…)

The Secret to a Tasty Life Recipe

The Secret to a Tasty Life Recipe

Keep What Works and Change What Doesn’t

Life never stays still. It evolves and changes constantly. For a tasty and successful life, you have to regularly assess what works and what doesn’t for you in the present. Just like you update your phone, you have to update your life formula. (more…)

How to Focus on What Matters to You

How to Focus on What Matters to You

Observe Yourself Stepping Out of the Drama

Learn how to focus on what matter to you by observing yourself stepping out of drama that derails you from achieving your full potential.

Blaming outside circumstances, holding others responsible for our experience, and being ruled by old stories can generate a state in which we fall victim to the drama we have actually created.

Drama is a diversion that keeps us busy and not moving forward. When drama is center stage, it absorbs all our attention such that we leave important life tasks incomplete, resulting in our failure to live our life to its fullest.

How to recognize the drama in our life that holds you back? Find out and have the choice to just say no to drama! (more…)