Marketing Truths for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age

How to update your marketing and branding strategy

How-to-Update-Marketing-Branding-Strategy.jpgIn this article, you will learn how to update your marketing and branding to remain relevant in current times.We will cover 4 key rules, debunk the common myths, and provide actionable strategies on:

  • How to be brief.
  • How to be clear.
  • How to be the boss.
  • How to offer value.

Though new millennium is almost two decades old, and marketing and branding have drastically changed. So why are so many of my clients still living in the past when it comes to presenting their businesses to the world?

As a brand strategy consultant in Vancouver BC, I provide website strategy for CEO’s and entrepreneurs and I see many of the same common myths and mistakes.  It’s time to throw out the myths of the nineties and embrace the truths of marketing in the digital age! (more…)

4 Tips on Finding Balance in Life & Work (and how to stop over-preparing!)

Finding Balance in Life and Business: Stop Over-Preparing

4 Tips on Finding Balance in Life & Work Over-preparing! It’s become an epidemic in western society. We are obsessed with organizing our lives. We plan everything, and we plan for everything, with emergency kits, backup plans, exit strategies, safety nets. We can’t imagine failure, so we over-prepare for every conceivable disaster, forgetting to live our lives with a light heart. It’s time to stop over-preparing, time to find balance in life and work, time to start trusting in ourselves.

Whether it’s baby boomers, business people, young entrepreneurs, students or full-time mothers, as a Life Coach in Vancouver BC I’m finding that my clients pressure themselves with wanting to be perfect.

Perfectionism is the fastest way to lose your balance. Balance in itself is precarious. The moment you let your thinking be overtaken by control, the moment you let yourself become inflexible, you begin to teeter on that delicate scale. That’s when you risk falling over. (more…)

How to Relieve Stress, for Entrepreneurs

Applying the work-smart philosophy

How to Relieve Stress, for EntrepreneursWe all want to know how to relieve stress. Even when we think we have found the miracle cure for stress, we often still feel pressured. Let’s talk about some ways to OUTSMART STRESS.

We are all entrepreneurs—entrepreneurs of our own life. As the owner of a business, as an employee, even as a parent, whatever your walk of life, you are the entrepreneur of your personal life and your business life.

As a Life Coach for Entrepreneurs in Vancouver, I see many common habits and patterns that most business people have when struggling with the stresses of starting or running a company. In this post, we’re going to cover some strategies for effective stress management as entrepreneurs.

The vicious circle

All entrepreneurs occasionally have trouble living in the present. Even when we strive to live in the present, we sometimes let the mistakes of our past weigh us down, we sometimes let the challenges of our future goals overwhelm us. It is at times like these that we become stressed. When we are stressed, we can’t comfortably be ourselves in the present. And when we can’t be ourselves, we slip either into the past or into the future—and our stress grows. It’s a vicious circle. (more…)

Optimizing Website Content and Life

Optimizing Website Content

If you want your website to rank high on SEO, it has to be properly planned and optimized. While you’re at it, why not optimize your life too, because life and business always intertwine!

I have written what feels optimizing website content and lifelike a million blogs on content optimization fundamental principles for better SEO ranking. So I’m asking myself, Why not use the same concepts of optimizing website content to optimize life to rank higher on the Google search of Life.

I have created an excellent system of 9 points for optimizing website content. Guess what? With very few updates, you can apply these 9 points to your personal life too.

1. Select your themes.

For consistency in your blog writing, define your themes and group your blogs under those themes.

The same goes for consistency in your life. What are the important themes in your life, and how can you optimize them? Some of the themes we all relate to are balancing life, finding the romantic life, passions you can’t live without, friends, and community involvement.
To make this exercise worthwhile, dig deep and get personal. This is about optimizing your life. (more…)

A Vancouver Business Coach & Summer

Vancouver Business Coach

Summer is over. The energy is gone like the sunshine. Are you dreading the work to maintain your website current? Lift your spirit! I am a Vancouver Business Coach that will support you obtain business success.

Monica Magnetti Vancouver Business Coach

Rejoice! The clouds of September don’t have to dampen your summer mood. Summer is a frame of mind. I learned this living in Vancouver.

Your website maintenance doesn’t have to add clouds to the sky. That’s why, as a Vancouver Business Coach, I teach individual tutorials to get the best results from your website.

Vancouverites are smitten with the flip-flop syndrome. On the first sunny day in February, the flip-flops come out. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, because in Vancouver summer—and flip-flops—is a frame of mind. (more…)