Outsmart Stress: Reclaim Your Peace of Mind – Stress Management Book

Outsmart StressOutsmart Stress

A Stress-reduction e-book

Reclaim your peace of mind.

By learning how the dynamics behind stress work, you can learn to master it. In this stress reduction book, available as an eBook download or in print format, Life/Wellness Coach Monica Magnetti addresses the relationship between some key non-constructive patterns of behavior to which we all can fall victim. Discover Monica’s practical exercises to help identify those patterns early so you can choose to change direction.

Regain control. Be prepared.

  • Learn how to recognize the patterns of behavior that cause stress.
  • Define your own successful formula to avoid falling into the trap of stress.

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Step into your optimal state of wellness by being prepared against stress.


Praises for Outsmart Stress!

“In a world that does not provide us with the time and space to process many of our actions and reactions to daily problems, we are often left feeling frustrated, helpless and stressed. Monica Magnetti’s book Outsmart Stress provides the reader with new ways of looking at each situation, and easy to follow exercises that can turn most stressful situations into positive life experiences.”

-Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, Naturopathic Doctor
Co-author of four best-selling books, including The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution.