a New Perspective Can Change Your World

An Upside-Down Perspective is a New Perspective!

a New Perspective Can Change Your World

Are you happy in conflict? Probably not. Few of us are. We get caught up in conflict for a lot of reasons. Our sense of entitlement. Our ego. A set of rules we’ve created that only make sense to us, like “It’s her turn to invite me! He should apologize first! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

So much wasted energy! So much needless anxiety! Wouldn’t you rather be happy than right?

This little tale reminds us that sometimes, looking at the world upside down is worth it.

Lessons From a Bat

Contra Ryan is a bat. At night he flies over the countryside using his fine hearing to find his way. In the daytime he hangs upside downnew perspectives are good

on a beam in the barn, resting. For this reason the animals on the farm make fun of him and call him Contra Ryan.

Contra Ryan keeps his sense of humour. To the little mouse he says, “The world seen upside down is straighter than you think!”

One day the animals begin to worry. The nightingale has stopped singing. They whisper, “Life on the farm is not the same anymore.” The nightingale’s song has lifted the weight of the day and lightened the hearts of the hard-working animals.

The nightingale is moody and temperamental. “I sing and sing,” she says, “and no one is grateful. No one even says thank you. I give and give and get nothing in return.”

Contra Ryan lets go one claw and dangles from the beam. “What do you think it would be like if you thanked them?” he asks.

“That’s absurd,” snaps the prima donna. “Why would I thank anyone?”

“Because they listen to you,” answers Contra Ryan.

A New Perspective? Another Point of View?

a new perspective for a better lifeThen he asks, “What would it be like to take another point of view? You expect to be thanked in a certain way. Truth is, everyone is grateful to you. You sing and their tiredness lightens. You sing and their hearts shine with joy.”

The nightingale is having none of it. “You’ve got it all wrong, little bat. Why should I give thanks? They owe me thanks!”

Nonchalantly, Contra Ryan says, “Does it work to look at life the same way over and over?”

The nightingale ponders. Finally, she is convinced. She flies back to the tree at the centre of the farm and begins warbling. “Thank you, friends, for listening to me. Thank you for loving my singing and my service to you. I thought I was helping you. Instead, all of you are helping me.”

Never before has her warbling been so sweet. All the animals gather round and listen. All is peace and joy.

Contra Ryan turned things around. He gave the opposite perspective—and life for everyone became richer.

Thank you for reading this story to the end. And thank you for . . . Well, you decide what you would like to be thanked for. Make today a “Thank myself” kind of day. Sometimes an upside-down perspective can straighten out our priorities and put a smile on our face.

Love, always. Monica

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Life is too short not to try hanging upside down at least once!

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