Changing your life today, Compiled by Erin McPhee

Published: Sunday, April 13, 2008

North Shore News

Author: Monica Magnetti

Home: West Vancouver

Work: I’m a life/business and wellness coach as well as a motivational speaker. I’m the founder of Luna Coaching.

Book: 30 Days To A New You: Get What You Want Through Authentic Change

Publisher: Robert D. Reed Publishers

What’s it about? Using straight talk, psychological insights, and stories from my own and my clients’ lives, the manual and workbook 30 Days to a New You teaches how to harness your own unique strengths and use them to actualize your vision of the future. Change is not only possible; it can be fast, easy and even fun.

My book distinguishes itself from other self-help books on the market in two ways. First, 30 Days to a New You uses a direct, interactive format to put change in your hands now, not in an imaginary future. My book is a manual designed to be a month-long project; each of the 30 chapters can be read in a day.

Second, most self-help books begin with what is wrong with your life and instruct you in how to overcome your deficiencies. I propose that there is no formula, no seven steps that will work for everyone. In guiding you to release judgment, to accept all aspects of yourself, I capitalize on the power of the integrated individual right now — not in a hypothetical future. In doing so, I merge the strengths of two commercially successful genres: strategy-based self-help and spiritually oriented encouragement to live life in the “now.”

What’s your background?I am certified by the Coaches Training Institute of California and recognized by the International Coaches Federation, and I hold a second specialization in group coaching. In addition to coaching individuals and groups, I am a motivational speaker and the author of three other self-help projects.

What did you hope to accomplish in writing this book?30 Days to a New You encourages readers to dream big, yet I suggest the surprising notion that change is easy.

I urge my clients and my readers to do more than simply fix the emergencies in their life or focus on materialistic rewards, and instead visualize a fulfilled life, lived intentionally with trust in your own visions and gifts. Then I demonstrate that this fulfilled life is closer than they expect. It doesn’t require the elimination of enormous barriers — i.e. for the kids to grow up and leave the house, for the mortgage to be paid off, for the person of your dreams to finally appear, etc. The fulfilled life does not require a particular set of external circumstances. It requires simply the radical act of letting go of the thoughts that do not further everyone’s goals, surrendering to our internal values, and aligning our actions with those values, no matter what configuration our life is in.

Who do you suggest reads this book?Because of its deeply personalized methodology, 30 Days to a New You works for all readers. The average buyer of this book is anyone. The book does not make assumptions about readers’ age or status, and it is highly effective for all stages of life.

The book also works well for groups as well as individuals, and might be of interest to corporations or institutions seeking to reduce conflict and improve communication among their organizational hierarchies.

Where to find this book: You can get a copy of this book through