by Monica Magnetti

It’s easy to make choices when the sun is shining. On clear and sunny days, our options jump right in front of us-allowing effortless choice and clear opportunities. In the pursuit of this utopia, many people live their lives dreaming of the sunny days ahead and forget to embrace the gray and rainy days along the way. Yet it’s the dark spots that hold a richness of learning that constitute the majority of our life.

When we insist on focusing strictly on the positive, we live our lives in only part of our body and never sink deeply into the rich, cavernous depth of our inner body. In so doing, we fail to embrace more than half of our existence. We ignore the part of our selves where failure, anger, rage, grief and sadness live-the oft-forgotten and juiciest parts of our psyches.

When we acknowledge all experiences and blend them together with the certainty of acceptance, we can weave our human feelings into a web that fuels our dance of life. When we accept and integrate our “shadow” side with our “light” side, we can confidently soar into our magnificent, glorious, brave and courageous selves.

Dancing in the Moonlight is a breakthrough book by life coach Monica Magnetti that shines a benevolent light on all parts of being human. Using supportive and straight talk, the author helps us to illuminate the forgotten parts of their lives: the shadow side, the part we don’t like to acknowledge; and reveals options for change, discovery and power. Dancing in the Moonlight examines how our shadow selves can in effect hold us prisoners in an inauthentic world of forced pretensions. It explores how the darkest sides of our personalities can grow to assume great proportions when we refuse to acknowledge, embrace and “dance” with our complete selves.

People in denial of their complete selves fear the feeling of being uncomfortable like the plague. Yet, when we reflect on the major shifts that take place in our lives – those which bring about the biggest changes – most people admit it is in moving through the uncomfortable which shifts them to a more fulfilled place.