VANCOUVER 24 hours

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3 2006 VOL. 1 Nº 213

Getting organized is on the list

Carly Krug
24 hours

Monica Magnetti words to live by: “Life is never done, take a deep breath and do today what is important.”

        I made some New Year’s resolutions – get organized, make better use of my time, get to the gym more. So far I’m doing pretty good… at keeping none of them.

        So when life coach Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching approached me to try a free session I decided to go for it. But first, what exactly is a life coach? She’s not going to boss me around, blowing a whistle every time I choose TV over chores, is she?

        I don’t give advice. I don’t tell people what to do. I ask questions," Monica assures me over the phone. Still skeptical, I wonder if she’s going to probe me about an "unhappy" childhood.

        But she explains: "Therapy explores what’s wrong with you. Coaching explores what’s right with you." Sounds good to me. And so begin.

        At Monica’s instruction I take a deep breath and tell her about my quest for time management and balance between work and play.

        If you had all that what would it give you?, she asks in a singsong soothing voice. I think, before answering: "Satisfaction, happiness, peace of mind."

        Monica tells me to picture myself a year from now. Who would you become if you had all that? "Calm, focused and success," is my answer. "I have to tell you, even the tone of your voice has shifted. You sound very grounded," she tells me. And she’s right, the shrillness is gone. I’m speaking at least an octave lower. And the usually frantic newsroom has fallen, if not out of site, out of mind.

        Tell me the difference between urgent versus important, she continues. "Uh, urgent is life and death and important is just (a light bulb goes off in my head) … well, not really that important in the grand scheme of things. I mean no ones’ going to die if I miss a deadline, are they?"

        Monica challenges me to make a daily list of what’s urgent versus important to get done. I’m to take daily time outs to connect with that feeling of success. And she leaves me with this lasting sentiment: "Life is never done, take a deep breath and do today what is important."

        Oh, and I’m also supposed to e-mail her at the end of the week with my progress. (Writing this now, I realize I never put that on my list so it didn’t get done … sorry, Monica.)

        For your free introductory life coaching session drop by Luna Coaching at the 14th Annual Wellness Show Feb. 3, 4 and 5 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. Contact Monica at

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