Be Successful by Taking Time Off to Recharge

Be Successful

Be Successful by Taking Time Off to Recharge

With the recession still in bloom, we have all had to make cuts and recreate our business. We have had to rebrand, realign and reinvent. Most importantly, we have had to adapt to some new definitions of the word “successful.” More than even in this recessionary times, we do not connect being successful with taking time off to recharge.

Adjusting to a recession takes time and money—we have all discovered that. It’s easy to funnel all the money into our business while cutting ourselves out of the equation. Our business is our baby. Without even thinking about it, we put all our resources there. Right? Wrong!

Being an entrepreneur means that your business is you. You are everything, and if you are worn out, stressed or overworked, your business will reflect that. It’s just like being a mother. You would do anything for your child, and when you don’t understand that your child’s wellness depends on you being at the top of your game, everybody misses out.

I like to remind entrepreneurs (and mothers) about the oxygen mask on the airplane. We are told to put the mask on ourselves first before we try to help anyone else. The message is: You can’t help another person if you don’t take care of yourself first. This goes for your business too.

This past fall, I fell into the oxygen-mask trap myself. I don’t like to take time off, because I feel I need to channel all my finances into my business. Vancouver’s gloomy fall and winter got me down: I felt tired, unfocussed and blah. It’s like putting yourself into a box and choosing to stay there.

As it turned out, a friend invited me to Palm Springs. The airfare was on sale, so I peeled myself away from the gloom and headed toward the sun. It was heaven—five days in the dry desert heat with friends. What more could I need for a new perspective on business and life!

The results were immediate. The sun recharged my mind, my body, my soul. New ideas began percolating, my perspective grew, and making choices became a lot easier.

What do you need to recharge? How can you carve out “me time” and get away from the same old same old? What is your ideal time to recharge and how can you create that time?

While it’s not always possible to take an expensive, exotic vacation, it is possible to create the time and place to recharge our body and soul. Being successful means knowing when you need time off. It means being crisp and balanced—attending to your business, your baby, with your full capacity. Define what success means for you and your circumstances, and make sure your well-being is a big part of that definition. Be successful by taking time off to recharge.

XOXO Monica

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