Self-Empowerment Book

30 Days to a New You by executive coaching author Monica Magnetti isn’t just a self-empowerment book. It’s also a manual designed especially for small business owners, soloreneurs, entreprenistas. Designed for you!

Written in conversational style, with an easy-to-read font and eye-catching graphics. Daily questions and exercises are thought-provoking and practical, organized simply and systematically on spacious workbook-style pages.

Additional pages, with a summary chart, are available as a free download (click on the appropriate box below). This self-empowerment book will take you far beyond the first 30 days. It can be reused many times, with each major project and goal.

In 30 Days to a New You, executive coaching author Monica Magnetti doesn’t give advice. Instead, she offers self-empowerment to entrepreneurs just like you. Acclaimed as a self-empowerment book,with it’s principles applicable to your business life and your personal life, it supports readers find their own answers to life’s big questions while staying true to their own values.

A life lived authentically, purposefully and intentionally is proving to be the only powerful way to navigate our rapidly changing world.

Download for free the Book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU, the summary chart and the exercises formated in word. Have fun!

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self-empowerment book

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