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Learn How to Create a Comprehensive Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what will convince people to become faithful clients or to go elsewhere. Luna Coaching offers specialized Brand Strategy Consulting services for our executive & entrepreneurial coaching clients.

Designing a brand is easy. What’s hard is clearly defining the value your brand brings to your clients and then marketing that value as the key thing that differentiates you from all the rest.

With Monica’s expertise, you will learn how to create a brand identity that speaks to your uniqueness and value. Together we will cover every angle of branding to produce a plan exclusive to you.


“Brand identity is the art of becoming known, trusted and valued.” 

                                                                                                        –  Monica Magnetti


10 Elements to Make Your Brand Identity Powerful

1. Define Your Demographic or Niche—Your Target Market
2. Create a Visual Reflection of Your Business
3. Develop and Write Your Core Message Based on Value
4. Create Your Business Website
5. Offer Free Gifts to Your Visitors
6. Send Newsletters
7. Implement an Email Marketing System
8. Assess Public Relations
9. Long-range Brand Management
10. Strength in Numbers

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