Brand Your Business, Brand Yourself with a Brand Consultant like Monica Magnetti

By Brand Consultant Monica Magnetti

The idea of “brand names” used to conjure up big corporations with multimillion dollar budgets and entire Brand Consultant departments.

Nowadays, the word “brand” means a lot more. Each and every one of us can establish our own unique brand, defining ourselves in our particular market so that we can reach those people who will benefit most from our services. Does it make sense for you to brand yourself or brand your business? How do you build your brand constructively? Let’s explore these questions.

First, what’s the difference between an individual brand and a business brand? To build your individual brand, you brand yourself, meaning you grow your online reputation by focusing on your name. As your brand consultant, I will aim to establish strong positive content around you and your name.

To brand your business, you create positive content around your business name. As your brand consultant, I will support you to create awareness of your business and your employees so that new and potential clients would be intrigued by what they read and inclined to contact your business.

But there is also a third kind of brand—and that is the brand I like to promote the best: a marriage of your individual and business brands that lets you promote yourself and your business at the same time. What is the advantage of this double branding?

Well, to build your brand is to create a virtual presence. It means creating an imprint of yourself and your business on the web that people can find easily. With this double presence, where you brand yourself and brand your business, you give potential clients double the chance of finding you and your business. Looking to the future, you give yourself a huge advantage too: If you decide to sell your business and its name, you will already have established your personal brand. People will still be able to find you through your own name.

To build your brand successfully, whether to brand yourself or brand your business, always keep in mind that this is about branding your value. You brand your value not by promoting a product or service, but by creating a virtual presence of the value your clients will receive by hiring you.

To build your brand constructively, begin by defining the value you offer. Products and services come and go every day. What sets you and your business apart is your value. Value is the new currency to brand yourself and brand your business.

Work with a Brand Consultant like Monica Magnetti.

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