Monica Magnetti Brand Consulting and Internet Branding services are like no other. When it comes to finding a Business Coach and Brand Consultant who can do it all, Monica Magnetti is the person for you. With her fast thinking and her talent for seeing all aspects of a project in record time, she drives her friends and family crazy. However for you, the entrepreneur, her Brand Consulting and Internet Branding are exactly what you’re looking for.

“I think in PowerPoint® and have made list-making an art. My friends can’t stand it but my clients love it!”

Monica Magnetti internet branding expertise will bring you results you never imagined possible! Using her keen entrepreneurial skills, Monica will develop a personalized method suited to YOUR big picture. She will break it all down into manageable steps, sending you on your way to your goals—on the road to business success!

Monica Entrepreneurial Bio

Monica Magnetti has been the leader of her life since she could walk—creative and curious, fearless in adventure and opportunity! She wrote her first book at age six and broke into the business world at age eight as a pine-nut wholesaler on the Italian Riviera, in partnership with her cousin Laura. Unfortunately, their employee, her little sister Ale, ate their entire inventory, plunging her first business into bankruptcy.

Undaunted, she and Laura jumped right back in, establishing a circus troupe, with the family dog Roll as their star performer. Their talent and enthusiasm were no match for Roll’s insubordinate nature, however, and it wasn’t long before they had to roll up their tent.

These early experiences as an entrepreneur led Monica down many wonderful paths. In her home of Bergamo, Italy, she received a classical education. Armed with a degree in Greek and Latin—but not a word of English!—she immigrated to Canada at age twenty. After just three years, she opened a successful restaurant in Edmonton. The Strawberry Café, with its outstanding Italian cuisine and artful décor, brought a cosmopolitan flair to the city.

Next came Vancouver, where Monica taught herself graphic design and built a solid freelance design business, producing graphics and campaigns for many clients. In 2004 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. Her passion for living authentically took her into professional coaching, where she earned two certifications and launched her own coaching practice. Now the author of three books, she owns a successful and fulfilling business as a professional coach and brand consultant.

Monica never stops learning, and she thrives on all that life has to offer—sharing with others the fruits of her experiences! From tiling floors to knitting with her eyes closed, from professional coaching and consulting to volunteering in her community, from cooking to building furniture to fundraising for local schools—her life is rich and full and she lives with integrity, following her heart and creating her reality.