Branding vs Marketing

Branding vs Marketing

Branding is who you are as a business. Marketing is what you do to advertise your business.

Your brand is a multilayer identity composed of 

  • virtual visibility
  • strong content
  • professional images
  • compelling storytelling
  • optimized and key-word-dense writing
  • professional logos

Your website is the modern way to expose your brand. It has to showcase all the pieces that compose your business and make it appealing to your customers.

Remember stores? Your brand is the store. It’s composed of all the different elements that make a store attractive to walk into.

Your website is the windows. Would you walk into a store that never updated its window display? Probably not. A website that is easy to navigate is like offering good customer service. Good content means good advertising.

I’ll never tire of saying that each and every part of your business needs to be professionally addressed and functioning at 100%

Brand Identity

Brand Identity — Create a Comprehensive One

Your brand identity is what convinces people to become faithful clients or to go elsewhere. Monica Magnetti of Luna Coaching offers specialized Brand Strategy Consulting services for executive & entrepreneurial coaching clients. She teams up with other professionals to offer you comprehensive service.

Designing a brand is easy. What’s hard is clearly defining the value your brand brings to your clients and then marketing that value as the key thing that differentiates you from all the rest.

With Monica’s expertise, you will learn how to create a brand identity that speaks to your uniqueness and value. Together we will cover every angle of branding to produce a plan exclusive to you.

“Brand identity is the art of becoming known, trusted, and valued.” 

Monica Magnetti

Branding vs Marketing

This excellent chart makes it really clear how branding and marketing differ and yet depend on each other for the success of your business.

Branding is why                                          Marketing is how

Branding is long-term                               Marketing is short-term

Branding is macro                                      Marketing is micro

Branding defines trajectory                     Marketing defines tactics

Branding builds loyalty                             Marketing builds response

Branding creates value                             Marketing extracts value

Branding is the being                                Marketing is the doing

Branding Is Strategic. Marketing Is Tactical. By going to What Is Branding you will find out more about the difference between branding and marketing by going to

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Branding and marketing are so closely intertwined, I call it #brandketing, and it has its own hashtag! You can’t have one without the other. However, to design them successfully for your business, you have to be clear about the difference.

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