The Book of You and Your Business

    • Are you finding that the job of running your business is getting in the way of the enjoyment?
    • Have you lost sight of your original vision for your business?
    • Has the spark that ignited your passion for creating something new and unique fizzled?

When this happens, everything — and everyone — suffers. Your business loses focus, your team falls apart and your profitability plummets. What to do? The Book of You and Your Business is the answer, a booklet prepared exclusively for you and your team by brand consultant and internet branding expert Monica Magnetti.

Clearly and concisely, The Book of You and Your Business describes your vision for your business and redefines the reasons you chose to go into business in the first place. With this booklet, you and your team will re-establish the foundation for your business and begin assembling the components of your unique internet branding and small business internet marketing — promo and P.R. materials, website content writing, step-by-step ebooks, webinars, newsletters, articles, all the components essential to your internet branding action plan.

Reigniting the spark within is an indispensable first step toward establishing your internet branding action plan. Your essence and the essence of your business are what differentiate you from the competition. I specialize in website content writing that is value-based, creating an original platform for your small business internet marketing and promoting the value you offer your customers. Products and services can be found anywhere. What defines your uniqueness is the value you bring — and that’s what your customers are looking for!

valued based branding materials

Professional branding materials


Visual Content

Focus: visual content to complement your writing

People take in information in different ways. Some read the words, others look at the visuals. Internet branding becomes great when all the elements fit together.

When your presentation is professional, you don’t have to tell people that you are a professional. They see it! They get it! You can use visual content to go deeper. When your presentation is unprofessional, when your visuals don’t work, your content doesn’t matter. Visitors to your website will see the discrepancy — and will quickly move on.

I have worked as a commercial graphic designer, and I am a multimedia artist. I put tremendous energy into visual content and detail. I know how small business internet marketing works!

Online Article Writing & Syndication

Focus: online article writing to establish your virtual presence

Online article writing is essential to your internet branding. Top-notch articles on internet sites, with carefully crafted key words, get results and establish your small business internet marketing!

      • More traffic comes to your website.
      • You establish yourself as the go-to expert.
      • You offer your followers good information.
      • The anchor text in the resource box of the article points to your website.

Online article writing isn’t for the faint of heart. I offer first-class service, everything you need to get excellent results:

      • Great content writing skills
      • The technical background you need to write articles that are key-word dense and contain appropriate anchor text to point to your website

In the past year, brand consultant and internet branding expert Monica Magnetti has written regularly for, and most of her articles have gone into syndication with the Huffington Post and other major online publications. Have an expert writer by your side.


Focus: newsletter writing
Brand consultant and internet branding expert Monica Magnetti knows that newsletters connect you with your customers and followers. In this busy world of information overload, newsletter writing is a key task. Let Monica create an action plan for your small business internet marketing and internet branding to ensure that your newsletters are anxiously anticipated — and always read!

Promo and PR Materials

Focus: promotional materials, PR materials
Promotional materials and PR materials are vital to your small business internet marketing and internet branding and to establish your virtual presence. Less is always more. Promos must be short, concise — and perfect! Through my writing skills and understanding of your business, I can translate your value into words.

video testimonialStep-by-step eBook

Focus: Establish Yourself as the Expert

Says brand consultant and internet branding expert Monica Magnetti, “A fantastic way to increase the number of subscribers to your website is to offer a free ebook. With a free ebook, you are inviting visitors to experience what you have to offer. In return, they may reward you with their email address. A win-win all round!”

Whether you want to offer your ebook free or sell it as a product, hire brand consultant Monica Magnetti to design your ebook as an internet branding tool and walk you through the step-by-step process.

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The Poet Within by Dr. Karen Johnson

Transform Your Life Through Action by Zari Alipour

Website Content Writing

Focus: website content writing
Your website content is what defines you and raises you above the competition. It must be clear, concise and to the point. Above all, your website content writing must show visitors that you are professional and will bring them tremendous results.
My greatest innovation in website content writing is my focus on the value you offer your customers. Almost any product or service is readily available nowadays with a click. I take you far above the competition by describing the value you bring to your clientele. Value is the new currency! Website content writing is the tool!

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