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Who Are You? – In One Word

Fluid Personal and Business Branding Less is more! Yes, it’s still true, and it’s becoming truer every day in our business and personal lives. People’s attention spans have shrunken to just a few minutes or less, leaving no time to take in anything extra. I used to be the Get What You Want! coach. Now… Read more »

Executive Consulting for Legacy Entrepreneurs

Who is a Legacy Entrepreneur? Who is a legacy entrepreneur? It’s a unique entrepreneur who leaves value and a lasting reputation to customers, industry, community and loyal employees. Legacy entrepreneurs stand for strong principles that go beyond the mindset of just making money. They look to the future, beyond their own lives, and create an… Read more »

Marketing Truths for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age

How to update your marketing and branding strategy In this article, you will learn how to update your marketing and branding to remain relevant in current times.We will cover 4 key rules, debunk the common myths, and provide actionable strategies on: How to be brief. How to be clear. How to be the boss. How… Read more »

A Vancouver Business Coach & Summer

Vancouver Business Coach Summer is over. The energy is gone like the sunshine. Are you dreading the work to maintain your website current? Lift your spirit! I am a Vancouver Business Coach that will support you obtain business success. Rejoice! The clouds of September don’t have to dampen your summer mood. Summer is a frame… Read more »

Maximize Writing Results with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO plugin maximizes SEO optimization for your writing. Get more visitors and organic traffic with these basic tips for Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. The goal of content is to attract viewers who want what you are offering. The reason why quality content is so important, if well optimized, is that it directs… Read more »