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Believe in Yourself and Invest in Yourself

Succeed in Business with the Right Website Invest in yourself is the second most important priority when you are an entrepreneur. The first one is that you have to believe in yourself. Then, when you are ready to succeed in business, you will fully embraced that investing in your business means you invest in yourself. The… Read more »

Maximize Writing Results with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO plugin maximizes SEO optimization for your writing. Get more visitors and organic traffic with these basic tips for Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. The goal of content is to attract viewers who want what you are offering. The reason why quality content is so important, if well optimized, is that it directs… Read more »

How Curiosity Gets Generation-Y Entrepreneurs Closer to Their Goals

Generation-Y Entrepreneurs Generation Y entrepreneurs were born with curiosity. While most generations have to relearn curiosity after they grow up, Generation Y are naturally inquisitive right into adulthood. They love to ask questions. “Curiosity killed the cat.” Remember that saying? It comes from Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, written in 1599, and we all… Read more »

It’s Payback Time: The Kids Are Moving Back Home!

  Our perceptions of others are often wrong. Take me, for example. I was born and raised in Italy and moved to Canada a few decades ago. When my son was growing up, some of my friends criticized me for my lack of Italian-ness—I don’t drink coffee or wine, and I seldom eat pasta. At… Read more »

The Need for Assessing Corporate Culture – by David Jones

Corporate Culture Corporate culture has always been an important area of study and many suggestion of improvement in this area have been presented by experts all over the world. What makes corporate culture so interesting is ambiguous nature of the concept. On one hand, corporate culture is unwritten and unspoken set of rules that everyone… Read more »