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Entrepreneurs: Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business People become entrepreneurs because they have great ideas. They believe they can improve the world. Entrepreneurs are passionate. They jump into business with fire in their bellies. Then, with all the multitasking, the long hours, the problems of delegating, the financial worries, they get overwhelmed. They lose that connection to their inner… Read more »

Supporting Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Starting a Business The number-one priority in starting a business in today’s world is to differentiate yourself. First, you define the value of your business. Then, you promote the value. This is different from what most people do. Most entrepreneurs promote the product or service they offer, forgetting that what people are really looking for… Read more »

Workplace Consultant Advice: Get Tools to Move Up to the Next Level

Workplace Consultant I have successfully worked with some of my clients as a workplace consultant. When employees want more out of their career and are willing to expand their comfort zone I have supported them to distinguish themselves and rise above the competition. Finding a more rounded set of skills that will mark you as… Read more »

Strength in Numbers: We Are All in This Together!

Strength in Numbers When I went into business three decades ago, businesses were antagonistic toward each other. Every business wanted to establish its importance, to corner the clientele, to be the only one on the block that mattered. We did not take strength in numbers, we took strength from our solitude. That was then. Now… Read more »

Tracky: New Social Media Interface for Productive (and Human) Collaborations Monica Magnetti interviews Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans from on Tuesday June 12, 2012 on VoiceAmerica Business channel. To all entrepreneurs and social media buffs! There’s a new kid in town,, and it’s time to get acquainted. Tracky team members Jennifer Gosse and Sarah Evans will explain how this new social media… Read more »