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Trust and Transparency: Leadership in the New Millennium

Leadership in The New Millennium I have just read the most impressive article about leadership in the new millennium, and I can’t stop thinking about how profoundly it has touched me. Amy Cosper’s article “The Zen Zone” in the March issue of really tells it like it is regarding leadership in the new millennium…. Read more »

Conscious Living Radio: An Interview with Creator and Host Andrew Rezmer

Conscious Living Monica Magnetti of interview with Andrew Rezmer, creator of Conscious Living Radio. This was an exciting interview because I was a guest on Conscious Living Radio and I love the energy Andrew Rezmer brings to the show. In this interview, Andrew shares how his dream of having a radio show targeting spiritual… Read more »

The Digital Handshhake

“To make your website an extension of your sale staff, create content that educates visitors and help convert them into leads. Serving is the new selling” say Ann Handley of

My philosophy exactly.Shifting your internet branding marketing from product based to vale based differentiates you from the billion other people who only sell…product. You sell value.

Strength in Numbers

When I went into business three decades ago, businesses were antagonistic toward each other. Every business wanted to establish its importance, to corner the clientele, to be the only one on the block that mattered. We did not take strength in numbers, we took strength from our solitude.