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Who Are You? – In One Word

Fluid Personal and Business Branding Less is more! Yes, it’s still true, and it’s becoming truer every day in our business and personal lives. People’s attention spans have shrunken to just a few minutes or less, leaving no time to take in anything extra. I used to be the Get What You Want! coach. Now… Read more »

A Vancouver Business Coach & Summer

Vancouver Business Coach Summer is over. The energy is gone like the sunshine. Are you dreading the work to maintain your website current? Lift your spirit! I am a Vancouver Business Coach that will support you obtain business success. Rejoice! The clouds of September don’t have to dampen your summer mood. Summer is a frame… Read more »

Content Optimization Fundamental Principles

Content Optimization Most people still don’t know the fundamental principles for content optimization to get the best WordPress rating and SEO ranking for their writing. In this blog, you will learn the fundamental principles of how writing and content optimization work together. You will learn how to rank higher with SEO so more people read… Read more »

Business Success with a Life Coach in Vancouver

Life Coach in Vancouver It doesn’t really matter if your life coach lives in Vancouver. Many business and life coaches like me provide excellent success by phone and online. The old idea that you have to work with a consultant in person to get results is passé. For over a decade now, business and life… Read more »

Is the Web the True Orwellian Big Brother?

Entity Called the Web The web has become an all-encompassing, self-fulfilling entity that keeps track of everything we do and influences the choices we make. Are we living the Orwellian truth? I spend a lot of time researching SEO tools and systems to better understand how to create functional yet personalized websites that rank well… Read more »