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Optimism or Pessimism? You Have More than Two Choices!

Try Neutrality and Have a Great Day! Remember when the world was simple? When choices were black or white? If you are a Millennial, you probably don’t remember those times when a decision was an easy “either/or.” Back then, you could look at life through dark glasses or through rose-colored glasses. If you wore dark… Read more »

How to Relieve Stress, for Entrepreneurs

Applying the work-smart philosophy We all want to know how to relieve stress. Even when we think we have found the miracle cure for stress, we often still feel pressured. Let’s talk about some ways to OUTSMART STRESS. We are all entrepreneurs—entrepreneurs of our own life. As the owner of a business, as an employee,… Read more »

A System for Maintaining your Website

Maintaining the Website Are you feeling overwhelmed by the time it takes to maintaining the website current? So was I – before I created a system for small businesses to update the websites easily and effectively. Ask yourself, if you had a store, would you keep the same window display for years? Would you walk… Read more »

It’s Payback Time: The Kids Are Moving Back Home!

  Our perceptions of others are often wrong. Take me, for example. I was born and raised in Italy and moved to Canada a few decades ago. When my son was growing up, some of my friends criticized me for my lack of Italian-ness—I don’t drink coffee or wine, and I seldom eat pasta. At… Read more »

9 Tips For Navigating The Common Stages Of Divorce

  Are you facing divorce? Design your own strategy for navigating the common stages of divorce. Have you passed through all the stages of love and decided you’re ready to end your relationship and surrender to divorce? Do you wonder what you’ll go through and what it will all mean? While every relationship is unique,… Read more »