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Optimizing Website Content and Life

Optimizing Website Content If you want your website to rank high on SEO, it has to be properly planned and optimized. While you’re at it, why not optimize your life too, because life and business always intertwine! I have written what feels like a million blogs on content optimization fundamental principles for better SEO ranking. So… Read more »

A Vancouver Business Coach & Summer

Vancouver Business Coach Summer is over. The energy is gone like the sunshine. Are you dreading the work to maintain your website current? Lift your spirit! I am a Vancouver Business Coach that will support you obtain business success. Rejoice! The clouds of September don’t have to dampen your summer mood. Summer is a frame… Read more »

A System for Maintaining your Website

Maintaining the Website Are you feeling overwhelmed by the time it takes to maintaining the website current? So was I – before I created a system for small businesses to update the websites easily and effectively. Ask yourself, if you had a store, would you keep the same window display for years? Would you walk… Read more »

Maximize Writing Results with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO plugin maximizes SEO optimization for your writing. Get more visitors and organic traffic with these basic tips for Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. The goal of content is to attract viewers who want what you are offering. The reason why quality content is so important, if well optimized, is that it directs… Read more »

Content Optimization Fundamental Principles

Content Optimization Most people still don’t know the fundamental principles for content optimization to get the best WordPress rating and SEO ranking for their writing. In this blog, you will learn the fundamental principles of how writing and content optimization work together. You will learn how to rank higher with SEO so more people read… Read more »