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Believe in Yourself and Invest in Yourself

Succeed in Business with the Right Website Invest in yourself is the second most important priority when you are an entrepreneur. The first one is that you have to believe in yourself. Then, when you are ready to succeed in business, you will fully embraced that investing in your business means you invest in yourself. The… Read more »

Invest in Yourself

Live Your Ideal Life Right Now When the sun isn’t shining, can you dance with circumstances? When the stock market is plunging, can you still  live your dream life? What if you could live a fulfilling, authentic life while on your way to your ideal life—before the kids go off to university, before you pay… Read more »

How to Focus on What Matters to You

Observe Yourself Stepping Out of the Drama Learn how to focus on what matter to you by observing yourself stepping out of drama that derails you from achieving your full potential. Blaming outside circumstances, holding others responsible for our experience, and being ruled by old stories can generate a state in which we fall victim… Read more »

Sole Focus: One Thing at a Time

Slow Down and Get More Done The image I chose for this article inspired me. It’s called “Woman sitting on a suitcase waiting for the sunset.” When was the last time you sat down and waited for a sunset? This is the second in my series of articles about counterintuitive concepts. Intuition is important in… Read more »

The Sleep Revolution!

Sleep All the Way to the Top Intuition is important in life. We all live by it every day. Sometimes counter-intuition is even better and can lead us to new and exciting discoveries. I’ve found four counter intuitive concepts that really work, and I’m going to write about them separately: 1. The Sleep Revolution! 2…. Read more »