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The Moon looks down upon us every night, benevolent, maternal, without judgment, and envelops us in her warmth.

She is constant, yet forever changing, inspiring us to recreate ourselves and embrace our versatility.

When we dance in the moonlight, when we trust in ourselves, it is then that we find our confidence to be our best.

Dancing in the moonlight represents the work I do with my clients. Discovering their strength, their consistency, their creativity, even though the Sun isn’t shining.

Dancing in the moonlight means trusting in our ability to grow in our personal and business lives. It means trusting in ourselves.                                                                                                                                                       XOXO Monica

Certified Life Coach in Vancouver


Monica Magnetti is a Certified Life Coach in Vancouver with multiple certifications. She works online and by phone.

“Monica inspired me at every session,” says one of her clients. “She is the best listener and she has a way of narrowing things down to the real issues. For example, in regards to my branding, what I needed to address was my fear of success.”

“Abundance versus scarcity mentality,” says another business client. “As a woman from a strong traditional background, I was not programmed to believe in myself or that I could do anything. Shifting to an abundance perspective brought me to a place where everything is possible.”

Monica supports small businesses, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, fempreneurs, mompreneurs and entreprenistas to establish their unique online presence with her additional Brand Strategy Consulting and Website Review services.a supports small businesses, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, fempreneurs and entreprenistas to establish their unique online presence with her additional Brand Strategy Consulting and Website Review services.

What makes Monica Magnetti the best Life Coach in Vancouver, BC?

Is it her impressive credentials? Her success in learning English as an adult? Her many published books and articles? Or her innovative mind sparkling with new ideas?

Monica is proud of all her achievements. She credits her curiosity to learn for giving her the tools to help others transform their lives. Living life to the fullest, with all her unique experience, has equipped her to push others to embrace their possibilities.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (UBC). I’m able to deliver well-written content optimized with key words for SEO.
  • Psychology training, to overcome limiting beliefs and succeed in business
  • Certified executive consultant, brand strategist, and website development coach
  • SEO training
  • Clear understanding of website development and website strategy technology and how to apply it for best results in online representation


  • She is the author of many books.
  • She has contributed to online publications, including Thrive Global and YourTango.
  • She has designed and produced e-books for herself and her clients.
  • She holds multiple coaching certifications, several of which required years to achieve.

Credentials in many specialties

  • Marketing
  • Intelligent content writing
  • Social media training
  • Key-word-dense and optimized content writing
  • Storytelling
  • Website architecture
  • Fundraising
  • Commercial graphic design
  • Visual presentation
  • Instagram development

For Monica, business consulting is not a quick fix. It is a journey of rediscovery of the powerful human beings we are. As a multiple certified life coach in Vancouver, Monica has the credentials and experience to dig deep and support her clients as they transform their lives, both in their individual realm and their business arena. 

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