Create More Space, Travel Light—It’s Summer!

Create More Space and Open Your Life!

To create more space and travel light is an attitude about life. Creating space and travelling light is much more than packing a small carry-on. When you are willing to update your values and beliefs, to finish what isn’t finished, to let go of what you are done with—then you can subscribe to this new attitude.

Sound easy? Yes, it is easy! Most important to create more space and travel light is to regularly update your information about yourself, to take inventory of who you are in the moment. You may be ready to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle by buying less, giving away more and identifying what you can live without.

After twenty-six years in the same house, I have moved. What an eye-opener it has been to discover how much extra we carry even when we do regular spring cleaning and think we are good at letting go. Stuff—unwanted and unnecessary—can hide right in front of our eyes.

It doesn’t take long before we stop seeing it, before we let it clutter our lives and fog the moment. We all have our excuses—busyness, not being ready to let go. We say, “It’s not really messy in here! I’ll do it tomorrow!” And life goes on.  Does it really go on, though?

I have noticed that there is a negative correlation between carrying unnecessary baggage and our ability to live in the moment. It’s natural to let things fade into the background of our lives, if we let them. We stop seeing the surplus, we stop seeing how our lives are ruled by old things and old attitudes. Then we become lazy and our focus becomes dull.

Clearing out is exhilarating. It’s freeing to embrace a new lifestyle where you can be creative, where you can reduce and live more in tune with your desire to have less and enjoy more.

It’s the same when you take stock of friendships, partnerships, relationships. What do you want to create? What do you want to let go? What makes you shine?

Every morning, wake up with the intention to create more space for yourself, to flourish, to travel light. Get rid of the unnecessary baggage. Let people see you for who you are rather than the baggage you carry. Create more space, travel light!

XOXO Monica

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