Create Your Life—and Don’t Be Scared to Fall in Love!

Create Your Life

Summer is the time to create your life. It’s the time of year when we have to do the cliché thing of stopping and enjoying our surroundings, of nurturing what we have planted and watching the flowers bloom. It’s the season to fall in love—with ourselves first.

I am a fan of clichés and seasonal rituals and routines. Every year, the seasons remind us of the bigger picture and what to do to create your life. In spring, as we assess once again what we want in life, we plant the spring seeds and smell the freshness in the air. In summer we enjoy the growth and collect the fruits of our labours. In fall, we take the time to savour the pumpkin pies as we prepare for winter and plant the seeds we want to grow under the snow. In winter we go inward to find our true inner person and values. Winter is the time to watch the snowflakes and appreciate our individuality, to prepare to shed the layers in spring and regenerate ourselves as the new, warm sun regenerates the Earth.

How do you want to create your life this summer, and what are your thoughts for today? This summer, how are you going to fall in love with yourself again? Remember, don’t be scared to fall in love!

The best way to create your life and find love is to appreciate every part of yourself and love yourself for the multilayered person you are. As individuals, it is our flaws that make us unique, our weaknesses and our acceptance of our weaknesses that make us mature and discerning.

Rather than point fingers, let’s start by acknowledging that the people who annoy us are actually mirroring back to us the things we don’t love about ourselves.

Thoughts for today on how to create your life this gorgeous summer … Choose a person who does something that annoys you. In your mind, assess the person’s behaviour without assessing the person. Ask yourself: What is it about the behaviour that irritates me? What is the worst part? Why do I resent it? This is the time to really judge. Then, still in your own mind, thank the person.

Now take a deep breath and ask yourself: Why do I do this to myself? When we resent someone’s behaviour, it may mean that we have not accepted the behaviour in ourselves. We may not be in tune with the specific behaviour, but we do it anyway and then judge ourselves for it. The Universe in its wisdom sends us someone to show us how to improve our inner self.

Let me give you an example. I had a client once who kept seeing people who betrayed her. All of her relationships ended abruptly and she didn’t trust anyone anymore. She began saying, “I always get burned,” and she saw everyone as trying to take advantage of her. Fortunately, she felt tremendous trust in her relationship with me, and that gave me the opportunity to ask her, “How do you betray yourself?”

She realized that she didn’t trust herself or her ability to make the best decisions for herself. As a result, she assumed that everyone was out to betray her. Once she surrendered to the reality that she didn’t trust herself, she opened up and began accepting herself for who she was. With that surrender came inner peace and the desire to give herself and others the chance to do right by her. Her life flourished.

Create your life right now! Create what you want by accepting what you don’t like in others. Because … what you don’t like in others is what you don’t like in yourself. Accept all parts of yourself. Happy Summer 2012! Embrace and surrender to your flaws and create your life.

XOXO Monica

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