Dream Man Or Nightmare: Women Are Hot For Vampires

 Dream Man Or Nightmare: Women Are Hot For Vampires

Women Are Hot For Vampires

Their blood may be cold, but vampires are heating up the screen this season.

Six years ago, the arrival of the Salvatore brothers on the TV scene tipped a precarious balance to the point of no return. On the eve of the Vampire Diaries Season 6 premiere, I’m ready to declare it official: the only hot, inspiring, sensitive men to date (in your dreams) these days are vampires. Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

Women have always been drawn for mysterious reasons to these creatures — the archetypes of our own inner addictions and dark side. But the Vampire Diaries series has set a new standard for the ideal man in their unique take on the vampire persona. Not only are they pretty faces, the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, are the epitome of modern masculinity on the screen, and they exemplify what women want. Nothing beats the high of watching vulnerable, emotionally complex men in action … even if only from on TV from your very own couch.

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