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Entrepreneurs Branding Your Business
Bring Your Fire Into Your Branding

People become entrepreneurs because they have great ideas. They believe they can improve the world. Entrepreneurs are passionate. They jump into business with fire in their bellies.

Then, with all the multitasking, the long hours, the problems of delegating, the financial worries, they get overwhelmed. They lose that connection to their inner fire and the passion that sparked their business.

As an entrepreneur, you are unique. You and your business are priceless. You have value to offer your clients and the world and that value may be hiding. It may be buried in an uninspired, old-school marketing or consulting approach.

I support entrepreneurs in defining the value their business brings to their clients. Then, together, we develop an advertising plan that promotes that value instead of a product. Whether my client is a solopreneur or a team, I support them in shifting from marketing and branding based on a product to marketing and branding based on value.

With my unique approach, you will learn how to differentiate yourself and your business from all the others in this saturated marketplace. How? By promoting the value your business offers your clients.

Together, we will identify your fire, the spark that started it all. From that, I will support you in creating or recreating your business based on your values and your creative input into the world. Your story—who you are, who you have been, what you do—will become the focus of your business and the way you relate to your clients. No secrets, no hiding. You and your fire are the most important elements in your business. Let’s bring them to the forefront.

My gift to you is my ability to listen. I can hear what people are saying between the lines. I can understand their passion and their driving force. I can translate it onto the page for the beautiful story it is. YOU are the essence of your business. Everything else is important only in the way it relates to you, your story and your values.

Amy Cosper, editor of Entrepreneur Magazine says: “The ability to identify and communicate your story and the soul and the essence [is] the very character of your business. The story is your marketing strategy.”

Send me an email and book a complimentary appointment via phone. Allow me to assess your foundation and to give you immediate feedback. Entrepreneurs, find you fire and brand your value, you are unique and branding your business is a reflection of you!

XOXO Monica

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