Fall-Inspired Branding Tips

Branding Tips

Branding Tips
We often look for branding tips expertise in places that may be beyond our reach, yet inspiration is all around us. The fall Equinox, marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall, is upon us, and even though I hate to see the end of summer, I know that as with many things, it’s best to make the best of it and find inspiration from it.

The fall Equinox, falling this year on September 23, is the moment when day (light) equals night (dark) and balance exists between them—it is the time to acknowledge equilibrium between lightness and darkness.

When it comes to your business and personal branding, what does balance mean to you? In the big picture, we know that our personal life and our business life intertwine. Where are you out of balance, and what can you create to bring harmony back into your life?

I want to remind you that your business stands on YOU, and if you are not aligned with your values, if your life is not in tune with your body, mind and spirit, something will suffer.

Is there harmony between the being of your brand and the doing of your brand? So often we get caught up in the doing that we forget that our brand’s power comes from us being who we are in business, together with the value we bring to the world.

For this week, leading up to the beginning of fall, ground yourself in your essence and observe where you need more balance in your brand. Do you want to put more time into establishing social media? Or do you want to put more time into being out there in the world communicating your passion to your clients?

You are the essence of your brand and the source of your best branding tips—they come from you! What limiting beliefs about yourself do you need to shed? Like leaves in the fall wind, let them go, let them renew themselves. What else can this fall season inspire in your branding that is worth sharing with the world?

XOXO Monica

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