Emotionally Intelligent

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Every once in while there are articles that are so in tune with what we think and feel that writing about them doesn’t do them justice. I prefer to connect my readers to the article directly.

You cannot be in business and be a current entrepreneur without reading this article about Emotional Intelligence: what it is, how to acquire it and the difference that it will make in both your business life and personal life. Serial Entrepreneur author Adam Torren says it all in his brilliant article.

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? It’ll Help You Rise Above Failure.

Read it, absorb it, and pass it along. This is brilliant writing.

Says Adam, “Just what is emotional intelligence? It’s the ability to recognize your feelings, objectively observe them and respond accordingly. It’s a proactive mental attitude instead of a reactive or suppressed approach.”

Within the article, you will also find other gold nuggets:

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