Have You Ever Felt Like Nothing Is Going Your Way?

Sometimes It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Your Way
Sometimes It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Your Way

Nothing Is Going Your Way

Darn it, you’ve done everything — meditation, exercise, diet, self-help. It’s all going great and then wham! The world collapses around you. Family, work, pets, the weather . . . everything seems to break down at once.

There’s a myth that you can’t fall apart in the area of life in which you’re competent. So, accountants can’t have a bad tax day, doctors can’t get sick, life coaches can’t be melancholy.

Well, I have news for you. We all feel like losers at times and that’s okay. We’re allowed to.

Sometimes Even Life Coaches Get the Blues

Yes, life coaches have bad days too, and career coaches sometimes wonder about their own career.

I’m a human kind of coach, and that means I can bitch about my life just like anyone else. I’m not immune from evil thoughts, and sometimes I don’t care what others think. The good news is that this makes me a better coach. I can support my clients through their bad days, because I’ve been through those days too.

Disappointment — I Feel It Too

I was so happy. I’d found a likeminded group of people to work with and I was on top of the world. Then the lies began and I had to force myself to open my eyes.

I didn’t want to give up my belief in the goodness in people, but how long can you live in denial?

Disappointment isn’t the end of the world. Even so, it’s easy to generalize one hurt and become afraid to move on. It’s easy to catastrophize and think that everyone is a liar.

Embracing the Parts of Us We Don’t Like

For a while, I decided to hang out in this place of hurt and be comfortable. Discomfort became my new comfort zone. I can stay here, I thought. Why not? It’s easy.

Most people lie at some time or another, and it would be unrealistic of me to think that I could go through life and never get caught up in someone else’s deceit. I’ll just hang out with my inner bitch awhile longer.

Truth is, I don’t like being in a bad mood. I want reassurance that life is great. But for now, I’m ready to accept the parts of myself I don’t want. Life takes many divergent paths, some of them really uncomfortable, and I’m okay with that.

XOXO Monica

Monica is at her best supporting her clients to ignite their inner fire in their personal and business lives. Ignite your fire, even if it brings you discomfort. Everyone will benefit, especially you. Start by downloading these free tools for a more passionate life.

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