Being Ambitious

Today’s millennial women entrepreneurs know a thing or two about being ambitious while maintaining balance.


Is Being Ambitious Working for You
Does it really have to be all work and no play?

Being ambitious is about wanting — really wanting! — to succeed. I take ambition for granted. That’s because I’m surrounded by women entrepreneurs, and after all, ambition is the key requirement for going into business for yourself. I love seeing the positive results ambition brings to the lives of these entrepreneurial women.


I always thought it would be easier for mature women than for younger women to make ambition work for them. The baby boomer generation has had a lot of opportunity to define their values and learn from their mistakes, so you would think they have a better handle than the younger set on balancing their working and personal lives.

Not so. The millennial women I work with nowadays have such clarity and commitment to the global picture — I’m impressed. The boomer generation had to prove they could measure up to men. New women entrepreneurs already know their value and are confident in themselves.

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