Executive Consultant for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Would you like to find one professional consultant whose expertise can cover all aspects of your business?

Can you see the advantage of having one person
addressing the globality of your operation
from visual representation, to brand individuality,
to effective marketing?

What if you were in the right place?

Why Hire a Business Consultant? Because You are an Innovator

Your business represents your vision and is therefore unique. You want to represent yourself authentically and yet stay on top of current trends.

Keeping your business and your leadership skills updated is vital. Monica Magnetti’s innovative philosophy covers every aspect of your distinctive brand and will make your online presence relevant in the face of changing rules.

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Personal & Business Life Intertwine “My business is my life!”

As a Vancouver executive coach and brand strategist, I hear my entrepreneurial clients tell me, “My business is my life.” The old work-life balance isn’t relevant anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about playing while you work.

In today’s world, everything is interconnected. It’s all about life-work integration. There’s no separation, and sometimes it’s impossible to differentiate your personal life from your business life.

Executive consultantThe Luna CEO Consulting Advantage

Your personal life and business life intertwine at every level. My certifications and credentials as an Executive Consultant and Brand Strategist make me uniquely qualified to support you to achieve your best at all these levels.

My qualifications

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (UBC). I’m able to deliver well-written content optimized with key words for SEO.
  • Psychology training, to overcome limiting beliefs and succeed in business
  • Certified executive consultant, brand strategist, and website development coach
  • SEO training
  • Clear understanding of website development and website strategy technology and how to apply it for best results in online representation

Some of my achievements

  • I am the author of many books.
  • I have contributed to online publications, including Thrive Global and YourTango.
  • I have designed and produced e-books for myself and my clients.
  • I hold multiple coaching certifications, several of which required years to achieve.

Credentials in many specialties

  • Marketing
  • Intelligent Content writing
  • Social media training
  • Key-word-dense and optimized content writing
  • Storytelling
  • Website architecture
  • Fundraising
  • Commercial graphic design
  • Visual presentation
  • Instagram development

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