Generation-Y entrepreneurs were born with curiosity
Curiosity and the Generation-Y Entrepreneur

Generation-Y Entrepreneurs

Generation Y entrepreneurs were born with curiosity. While most generations have to relearn curiosity after they grow up, Generation Y are naturally inquisitive right into adulthood. They love to ask questions.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Remember that saying? It comes from Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, written in 1599, and we all know what it means: Don’t ask. Don’t break the mold. Don’t learn.

Feline qualities have always been linked to the feminine nature, so the expression “curiosity killed the cat” has, through history, been used to keep women in their already limited place. Even when it was followed later with “but satisfaction brought it back,” the idea that curiosity may kill cats and women remained. Especially if you were a cat or a woman.

Generation-Y entrepreneurs seem not to be aware that curiosity can kill you or that superstition can limit your future. Through the phenomenon of start-up companies, a trend like never before, Gen Y have proven their natural curiosity again and again, to say nothing of their business acumen.

Fearless and unintimidated, Generation-Y entrepreneurs have brought back the power to believe in oneself. They are unapologetic about cultivating their natural inquisitiveness, asking questions out of curiosity, and turning their back on fear.

How Curiosity in Business Gets You Closer to Results

To be curious, to really listen, is a magical skill that can advance you in every part of your life. I know it’s risky to use the word magical; some people may not like it.

Still, when you are truly curious, you don’t judge others. You listen without the cloud of preconceived ideas over your head, and you decide for yourself how to use new information to your advantage. Now that’s magical. The ability to keep an open mind is priceless.

Life Is Messy

Often, life seems to hit us with its messiness at the most inopportune moments. John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” When we live in the moment, when we stay curious and open, when we put aside judgment, it’s much easier to turn a situation around.

When you are connected to your own curiosity, you are able to look and reassess with new perspective. You are able to dance with circumstances.

And when you are curious, the drama darkening the moment recedes into the background and your mind opens to a creative solution to your current challenge.

New Opportunities to Grow

Generation-Y entrepreneurs know that every challenge is an opportunity to expand their comfort zone. Because they are naturally curious, they are willing to open up to every situation, to see it as a training ground to let go of smallness and move instead into a place of spaciousness, where they can go big.

What’s in It for Generation-Y entrepreneurs?

If you have read this article this far, I’m sure you recognize yourself. So, you may be saying to yourself: I already know this, so what’s next for me? Let your innate curiosity kick in. Then congratulate yourself. You’ve put your inquisitiveness to work.

Often, we are inclined to follow the same road others have struggled along. By understanding how your patterns of curiosity work, you can continue along that road and go farther than most.

How can you practice curiosity even more? What have you learned? What benefits have your insights brought you?

Have fun on your Gen-Y entrepreneurial journey!

XOXO Monica

Monica Magnetti is a Life/Business Coach, Brand Expert and passionate blog writer. She supports her Generation-Y entrepreneurs clients to understand their patterns of curiosity and push themselves even further to get what they want. Download her acclaimed book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU and get what you want.

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