How to Find a Fulfilling Career: 3 Tips from Baby Boomers

Fulfilling Career

How to Find a Fulfilling Career - 3 Tips from Baby Boomers

At a certain point in everyone’s life, making money isn’t the priority anymore. Most of us, eventually, want to create a legacy of value. We want to leave our imprint on the world.

Do you want to create a new and different career path? Do you want more fulfillment in your career? If you do, then congratulations!

Wanting more and wanting something new are signs of an inquisitive mind. I love working with Baby Boomers, and I love working with the younger generation too. Baby Boomers are definitely ready to shift to a legacy of value, and the younger set these days want more right from the beginning.

Baby Boomers have made money, they have worked hard, they have paid their dues. Baby Boomers have amazing and inspiring traits: they are determined, and they are persistent in their pursuit of happiness. They want to matter. They want to represent themselves and their peers with pride. And Boomers are easy to work with.

These are some of the things that everybody can draw on when they want to expand into a career that brings them more fulfillment.

First, connect to your purpose as a person, and connect to your big picture.

Obviously, the more mature a person is, the better they understand who they are. They can see their own big picture. If you are younger, you, too, can pay attention to this. Ask yourself: Why am I on this earth? What is my gift to share? How can I share my abilities with the world?

Second, prioritize, and create the steps to bringing your best qualities to the surface. Does your resume need updating? Do you need to upgrade your education? How can you communicate your qualities better?

Third, what are the limiting beliefs that hold you hostage? Take one at a time. We all think we are special, and we are. However, I have noticed that the limiting beliefs that hold us hostage are pretty standard. Men are often haunted by the idea that “good men finish last,” and women are limited by the belief that “I don’t deserve to be paid well.”

Whatever your age, your race, your background, be honest with yourself. You can embrace your true purpose and understand your path at any age—and the sooner the better.

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Life is easy. Create a formula that keeps you on target with what is important to you. Just like you, I want you to live your purpose and make the world a better place. Let me support you in finding a fulfilling career.

XOXO Monica

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