How to Focus on What Matters to You

Observe Yourself Stepping Out of the Drama

Learn how to focus on what matter to you by observing yourself stepping out of drama that derails you from achieving your full potential.

Blaming outside circumstances, holding others responsible for our experience, and being ruled by old stories can generate a state in which we fall victim to the drama we have actually created.

Drama is a diversion that keeps us busy and not moving forward. When drama is center stage, it absorbs all our attention such that we leave important life tasks incomplete, resulting in our failure to live our life to its fullest.

How to recognize the drama in our life that holds you back? Find out and have the choice to just say no to drama!

How Do We Create Drama?

Habitually, we create drama by fueling gossip, dwelling in interminable thought loops, or continuing to participate in dead-end situations, whether a job or a relationship.

We entangle our mind in a web of ultimately inconsequential details, clouding our long-range vision and sidetracking our self-direction. We futilely concern ourselves with others’ behavior and circumstances so that we don’t have to look at ourselves, and we unnecessarily worry about people’s reactions, thinking we can manage their perceptions of us.

We additionally feed our self-perpetuating drama by projecting ourselves into a future of worst-case scenarios constructed from our assumptions. Being preoccupied by our drama makes it impossible to get centered, keep the focus on our real self, and live our life in the present moment.

Stop Now!

Focus on what matters to you by letting go of the self-generated drama that takes you away from being powerful. Begin now by making a conscious choice to stop talking about other people and interpreting their actions and feelings.

You do not know what they think or what motivates them. You are only in charge of yourself, and it is your task to wake up to what you think and what motivates you. Living in reaction to your assumptions, speculations, and perceptions about other people is a huge waste of time!

Mind Your Own Business

We dilute our power of intention when we constantly focus on others, whether in judgment or in fear of their reaction. Leave other people’s business to them, and your life will flourish and bloom.

Take care of your own business, and grant others your trust that they know what is best for their lives, whether you agree with their choices or not. You will be surprised by how much energy you will preserve for yourself if you are not minding other people’s business.

When we define our priorities, our values, and our heart’s desire, and set our goals accordingly, we create a life of integrity, and everything else falls into place like magic. Focus on what matters to you!

Observe Yourself

Today, in this moment, you are not here to judge or criticize; you are here to observe. Today, consciously become the Observer of your own world. You will find yourself in a majestic position: from this place of gentle clarity and command, you can stay grounded as you assess your past, your future, and especially the present moment.
This way of perceiving—being the Observer—enables you to make empowering choices with integrity aligned with who you are, your goals, and your Big Picture.

Use Your Third Eye

According to ancient wisdom beliefs, we all have a third eye, a mystical theory referring to an invisible eye.
Placed in the middle of our forehead, this third eye gives us perception beyond ordinary sight.
Our third eye is the extension of what the mind knowingly is aware of. It is the subconscious observation of the surroundings and interactions that goes way beyond the picture that we can see.

Use this beautiful spiritual third eye to look at yourself with a new perspective. Use it to focus on yourself and bring yourself in focus and responsible for your choices.

Focus on What Matters to You by Answering These Questions 

Continue right now in your journey of self-discovery. Free yourself from the drama that disrupts you from being your true self. Ask yourself these powerful questions:

  1. What drama stands in the way of your achieving your goals?
  2. What do you get from being hooked into this drama?
  3. Who would you become without this drama?
  4. How your third eye can supports you in staying focused onto what really counts?

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