How to Get the Job You Want: Advice from Workplace Consultant Monica Magnetti

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How to Get the Job You Want - Advice from Workplace Consultant Monica Magnetti

So often I hear people complaining about their job. What they are really saying is that they don’t have the right job or aren’t working for the right company. Getting a job these days is dramatically different from a decade ago. Let’s look at some of the best ways to invest your time so that you find the job that’s right for you.

People used to apply for jobs. In reality, the job chose you. Nowadays, the starting point is different. We want to choose the job—the ideal job that is right for us. To do that, I encourage people to decide first what they want and who they want to work for. My motto is, “To get what you want, you have to know what you want.”

Many people have no idea what their ideal job or their ideal company would look like. Do you know? When the ideal job comes your way, will you be able to recognize it? You want to make yourself the best candidate for the job that is right for you. The best way to start is by defining the parameters of your ideal job so that you can begin equipping yourself to qualify for it.

Workplace expert Liz Ryan of Human Workplace says, “Show, don’t tell!” Dead descriptions like “I work well individually and in a team” mean nothing. Show what you can do! Show who you are!

Let’s look at three steps for getting the job that’s right for you.

First Step: Take the time to research the company. Does it have a mission statement? Do you agree with the thinking reflected in the mission statement? What is great about the company? How can you make yourself vital to its growth?

Cover letters these days take a new approach. You do not talk about yourself. Instead, you talk about what you can do for the company. So, do your research and describe in your cover letter how and why you are the right person for the job. The company doesn’t know you. They want to know how you would be an asset to them. Show them.

What this step will show about you: The company will see that you are not just looking for a job. You are looking for that job with that company. You are conscientious and motivated, and above all you are resourceful.

Second Step: Declare yourself in the opening paragraphs. Prove to the company who you are.

I once worked with a young person on his first job application. He had a university degree but no work experience. Yet he was an excellent golfer with a 3 handicap. To show who he was, we created this sentence: “From my golf game, I have learned how to strategize and be a strong individual player as well as a team player.”

What this step will show about you: You are transparent and have qualifications that can be demonstrated in different ways. This young person’s 3 handicap showed that he was diligent, disciplined and committed. It also showed that he was both an individual and a team player. Again, show, don’t tell.

Third Step: Let your resume represent you in a creative way.

It’s easy to be creative if you work in one of the creative fields. I have consulted with designers and artists, and for them their resume is a blank canvas to use to their advantage. So, if you are in a creative field, make sure you show your creativity. If you are not, then make sure your resume is professional. Get a top-notch professional photo taken, one in which you are well dressed, well groomed and smiling. In the sea of resumes that companies receive these days, you want to show who you are.

What this step will show about you: You are creative, considerate and reliable. You stand behind your words.

It used to be that a job chose you. In these times, you want to choose the job and the company. That’s the best way to ensure that the job is right for you and that you will have many years of fabulous employment ahead of you. Be intentional. Be proactive. Follow my workplace advice and get ready to enjoy years of success in your new, ideal job.

XOXO Monica

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