How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Body—3 Tips

How to improve your relationship

Even when we are doing our spiritual work, many of us are asking ourselves how to improve our relationship with our body. Body awareness and improving our relationship with our body is a never-ending but beautiful journey that enhances our life and our world presence.

How to improve your relationship with your body – Tip #1: Acknowledge your body

Most of us recognize the remarkable capacities of our mind, yet overlook the equally remarkable capacities of our body. As human beings, we are equipped with a body that can support us in making decisions. The gut feelings, the butterflies in the stomach, the physical pain—all are bodily expressions of our inner feelings and intuition in particular situations, and all can support us in taking appropriate action.

Acknowledge your body for the fabulous creation it is. When you notice how your body works, you can’t help but acknowledge that it is not only a vessel for your soul and your feelings; it is also a torch illuminating your experiences and intuition.

When we are aware of our body, it is easier to harmonize our intellectual reasoning and our physical intuition. Decisions come more easily from a balanced perspective.

How to improve your relationship with your body – Tip #2: Embrace your body (stop judging it!)

What is it with all of us who are blessed with this wonderful piece of equipment we call our body, so perfect it can create life, and yet we judge it, criticize it, wish it were different?

Most of our body decisions are based on looks rather than on the health and functioning of this beautiful thing we have. We don’t go on a diet because we feel lousy carrying the extra weight, or because we aren’t physically fit, or because our cholesterol or blood pressure is too high. No, we go on a diet because we don’t like the way we look.

It’s the same with exercise. Rather than following an exercise routine that improves our body’s health and performance, we overexert ourselves, pushing our body beyond its limits, or we do nothing, all because of the way we want to look.

How many of us are really happy with our body? Can you say there isn’t a single thing about your body that you’re picking at to keep yourself down?

We use our body to keep ourselves prisoners of our judgments and expectations, to feel less than whole, and to complain, complain, complain.

What would your life be like if you stopped wishing your body was different? Where would you invest your energy? Who would you be if you embraced your body fully and unconditionally?

How to improve your relationship with your body – Tip #3: A healthy body hosts a healthy mind

When we treat our body with respect, nourishing it and caring for it physically, it repays us tenfold with clear, helpful information that we can access anytime. Anytime we need to know something, we can tune into our body, sinking into its richness for the answers buried deep in its inherent knowledge.

Mens sana in corpora sano is Latin for “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” When you honour this philosophy with consistent action, you can have it all. When you care for your body and feed it what it needs, rather than what you may want, when you stop making decisions based on looks, your body will perform at its best—and you can have it all.

With your body and mind aligned, you can focus on what you want to grow in your life, trusting that you are in the right place and the right time. Listen to your body-mind wisdom, knowing that there is treasure buried in everything. This is life balance.

When you are able to apply the three tips on how to improve your relationship with your body, and when you have full body awareness, your soul will go deeper into your spiritual journey as well.

How to improve your relationship with your body is how you live a more meaningful life.

XOXO Monica

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