How to Write Effective Blogs

How to Write an Effective Blog

Learn How to Write Effective Blogs

Having a blog can be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful tool in gaining visitors and attracting traffic to your website.

Not only does it give your business a voice, but it’s also a marketing tool that can promote and provide new and interesting information pertaining to your business’ industry.

Providing fresh and current content is something that the search engines, specifically Google, love. But in order for a blog to work and be visible beyond your website, it’s going to need more than just quality content.

Keywords, tags and image tagging help keep your blog visible and searchable. Without doing these simple steps when posting to your blog, your 300-500 word post is meaningless if no one can find it on the internet.

Let’s go through some blogging terms and see how your blog can start gaining traffic today.


– These are the words people are searching for and what you should be basing your blog posts around. If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Vancouver, you’re going to Google “Italian restaurants in Vancouver” or “Vancouver Italian restaurants” or “best restaurants in Vancouver.” If you’re an Italian restaurant with a blog, these are some of the keywords you should be basing your content around.

It’s important to use keywords in the first 200 characters — which are letters and spaces — in your post, in the title of the post, and even in links or the text around links to other pages on your website. Try not to use too many keywords, though. It may come out as keyword stuffing, which could hurt the blog.


– Tags essentially describe your post and allow it to be found again on both your blog and the internet. If you have a well-established blog that features posting once a week, it’s important to place tags on your blog so people can search for different topics. Tags will create links, which are important to the search engines and help people find specific topics in the blog. For instance, if you’re a clothing designer writing a post about
jackets, you would tag “Jackets.” Then when someone clicked on that jacket tag, all the posts tagged “jacket” would appear.

Image Tagging

– Images are great for your blog. Not only will they make your post more visually attractive, but these images can be searched too. People search for images every day, and with proper tags to your image, it can be found on Google. Make sure you change the alt tags of the photos with search optimization keywords to help gain more visibility. Search engines view these alt tags as text, which allows them to be visible on the internet.

Blogging is important for so many reasons. It is, of course, a valuable marketing tool for your business and establishes you as an expert in your industry. It’s also a great way to interact with customers or clients who comment on your posts for customer service purposes. Finally, it’s a great way to show your creative style while writing the posts. A well-written and established blog can gain followers who hang on every post, and that can pay major dividends while establishing your business.

Above the branding and identity a blog brings to a website and your business, if posted correctly, blogs can truly help the visibility of your website and bring in clients and customers from across the globe.

XOXO Monica

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