Metro Vancouver

Thursday, February 2, 2006

        He was skeptical, but a brief introductory session was all it took to hook Tom McNamara on life coaching. "A life coach is a catalyst," said McNamara, who ran into his life coach Monica Magnetti at a networking function last January. "I use the analogy of the gym, it’s always easier to go with a partner to keep you motivated. A coach is like a partner."

        A life coach, he said, helps people deal with issues or challenges – business or personal – on a one-on-one basis. At the time, McNamara had just left a corporate job and had started his own communications company. He said it was a time of major transition and challenges and he was questioning whether he was on the right path.

        Because everybody is different, Magnetti said life coaching is not about providing advice. It’s about setting goals, motivating and overcoming challenges.

        McNamara said his coach used a series of probing questions to help people find their own solutions to their own challenges. "That’s what’s really different and potentially mind altering about it. It’s all about perception and control … by going down deeper and finding my own answers, I can resolve my challenges.

        McNamara said he has met every financial goal he set out for his new business and is finding his business success rolling over into his personal life – reduced stress and more fun.

        Magnetti’s Luna Coaching is one of roughly 180 exhibitors taking part in this weekend’s Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, which begins tomorrow at noon.

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