Conscious Living Radio: An Interview with Creator and Host Andrew Rezmer

Conscious Living

Monica Magnetti of interview with Andrew Rezmer, creator of Conscious Living Radio.

This was an exciting interview because I was a guest on Conscious Living Radio and I love the energy Andrew Rezmer brings to the show. In this interview, Andrew shares how his dream of having a radio show targeting spiritual growth became a reality and what it means to live consciously. He also talks about the collective work of making a radio show a success, acknowledging all the wonderful people who bring their expertise for the best results.

Conscious Living Radio offers exciting programs to nurture and inspire your personal and business life. If you are interested in the BIG PICTURE of your life, the meaning and purpose of life, the big questions of life, then listen to this interview and be re-energized.

Remember, when you are happy you can accomplish what you want and life is easy. The idea behind Conscious Living Radio is to offer a sense of community to like-minded people. Know that you are not alone, and that sharing and receiving knowledge propels you forward in your own journey.

They say that it’s a big world out there. Yes, it is, and there are tremendous opportunities for people like you who are committed to individual, social and global transformation.
If you are interested in exploring frontiers of consciousness, spirituality, personal growth and health, among many other topics, tune in to Co-Op radio 102.7 FM in Vancouver.

Enjoy the interview with Andrew Rezmer from Conscious Living Radio and commit to live consciously!

XOXO Monica

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