Get Linked: An Interview with LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff

LinkedIn Diva

Monica Magnetti from Luna interviews LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff of Rock the World Media.

Whether you’re a pro or you’re still finding it all a mystery, this upbeat interview with Lori Ruff, the LinkedIn Diva, has lots for you.

Named the LinkedIn Diva by her clients, Lori Ruff explains the advantages of LinkedIn for business and the latest features of the network. Using practical examples and easy-to-follow detail, she shows you exactly how LinkedIn serves you and the business community.

Here’s a plus:

Lori Ruff works for YOU!—the LinkedIn user community. She is not affiliated or endorsed by LinkedIn, meaning she has your interests at heart.

And here’s another plus, the golden tip about this significant interview:

Lori’s suggestions put your humanness and your passion into your profile, creating a digital handshake as strong and powerful as your personal handshake.

Enjoy this interview with LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff, author, social influencer, LinkedIn authority and social media expert.

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