Is the Web the True Orwellian Big Brother?

Entity Called the Web

the web like fresh content
The web is hungry for fresh content written by poor soul like us content writers.

The web has become an all-encompassing, self-fulfilling entity that keeps track of everything we do and influences the choices we make.

Are we living the Orwellian truth?

I spend a lot of time researching SEO tools and systems to better understand how to create functional yet personalized websites that rank well with SEO.

Lately I’ve noticed that experts and articles in the field refer to the web as a mega entity with a mind and will of its own. “The web likes fresh content,” I recently read on a blog. “The web isn’t going to like that,” an optimization expert writes gloomily.

I imagine the web as a humongous beast growing fatter and darker on the output of our imaginations and consuming fresh content written by poor souls like us content writers. Our creativity in eking out some kind of meaning in senseless keywords is the icing on one of the many cakes this beast devours, becoming more empowered with every bite.

The web thrives on controlling us poor earthlings as we struggle to measure results and to please it. It laughs at the sweat and tears we shed in frustration while we evaluate ranking outcomes and find only randomness that cannot be squeezed into any formula.

The smell of fear from the incandescent lava drooling from its gigantic mouth paralyzes every human who is affected by its importance. Well, now I’m just joking. Or am I?

Having recently picked up, once again, George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, I’ve noticed how its ominous shadow has descended upon our modern world, with government surveillance and public manipulation by political entities. In 2015, this sounds like a description of the web.

XOXO Monica

PS No keywords were abused in the making of this blog.

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