Leadership in The New Millennium

I have just read the most impressive article about leadership in the new millennium, and I can’t stop thinking about how profoundly it has touched me. Amy Cosper’s article “The Zen Zone” in the March issue of Entrepreneur.com really tells it like it is regarding leadership in the new millennium.

I’ll resist the temptation to quote her sentence by sentence, and will instead just highlight the best. In her introduction, which I love, she sums up leadership in the 1980s with “greed was good then.” When she introduces the new leadership mentality, she really shows us how immersed she is in the new reality: “Now we’re in the leadership Zen zone, a place of peace and social consciousness where innovation, trust and entrepreneurial thinking are rewarded and championed … This is the time of less blood, more trust.”

She goes on: “What makes a great leader? … Transparency and trust are key indicators. According to Mark Leslie of Veritas Software (featured in “Leadership Lessons from the Top of the Org Chart”), great leadership ‘is not about command and control. You attract the best and the brightest people and create an environment where they can use their intelligence and judgment to act autonomously.’”

Amy Cosper continues: “Today’s great leaders understand that they don’t own their company’s success (and bragging rights). Great leaders know that success belongs to the collective.”

As an executive consultant also offering brand identity consulting, I work with small businesses and with solopreneurs. My mission is to see my clients embrace their inner fire and tell it to the world. My hope is to have them immerse themselves and their branding in their bigger purpose and vision.

In my work I support leaders to find their authenticity and to build teams based on trust. I encourage business owners to show their true selves, and to serve their clients by showing their authentic values. I emphasize that the way to create a strong team is to model confidence in your own beliefs.

For me, Amy Cosper’s article is life-changing. Simply by telling it the way it is, she has given me greater faith in my work and my purpose. Leadership in the new millennium is defined by trust and transparency. As small entrepreneurs, all of us can make big changes just by being who we are and fully embracing our values.

We are all leaders of our life. Thanks, Amy, for telling us that we don’t have to lead a big company to be a great leader. All of us can be great leaders. All we have to do is trust our leadership of doing business transparently and authentically.

XOXO Monica

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