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Luna Coaching provides Certified Executive Consulting and Leadership Training for CEO’s and management — available on online coaching .

Learn how to be an Effective Leader

There are different leadership qualities and leadership styles. To be an effective leader means defining your personal style and using it effectively to inspire your team.

   • What will make you a good leader or a good manager?
   • How will you get the best out of your team?
   • How will you get your team to do things that you—and they—never thought possible?

Most of us are familiar with the main attributes of an effective leader: creative, confident and calm; committed, ambitious and honest; a good communicator, problem-solver and delegator; and all with a sense of humor.

More important than these, however, are the leadership qualities unique to you.

What are those qualities? How can you harvest them for the best results?

As a leadership coach, I believe that the most important quality of leadership is to be connected to your inner fire, that spark that made you go into your business in the first place.

In collaboration with me, you will use your fire to identify the attributes most important to you and to communicate your vision to your team.

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Some topics in Management and Leadership Training

Understanding yourself

  • Who are you as a leader?
  • What is your purpose in the bigger picture?
  • How can you achieve more clarity?

Understanding the value of your business

  • What value do you want to give your clients?
  • Who is your competition?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?

Practical steps

  • Create your powerful brand identity
  • Develop your strategic marketing manual
  • Create your organizational structure
  • Have projections for your operational growth
  • Define timelines
  • Learn how to assess your team’s performance

Learn Management Strategy

What is the key to successful management? It’s your ability as the leader of your business to communicate your priorities and major goals to your team.

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small. As the leader of your team, you need a solid foundation for everything that will make your business a success.

This foundation must come from a strategic management formula designed specifically to implement your priorities, goals and values, as well as all the practical aspects of your business.

With everything in place, communication with your team will be easy and effective, and you will see your business thrive.

By designing your individual management strategy, you will know

  • The best ways to invest your time and energy for the best results
  • How to inspire your team
  • Which logistics are most important, and the best ways to prioritize them

Results of training in Management and Leadership

With Management and Leadership training you will create your own, unique formula for business success—an effective system for reaching your business goals, one that will ultimately serve you as the business leader you are!

What’s Included

This Management and Leadership course is complementary with the other courses offered:

Strategic Planning, Logistics for Business Success and Organizational Structure.

In the fast-paced business world of today, Monica understands that every entrepreneur, whether established or new, is unique. That’s why she recommends one-on-one entrepreneurial coaching as the best way—the only way—to achieve superior individual results. Her practical, focused approach will show you how to open yourself to change while remaining true to your unique vision.

You can choose a 4-hour program or a 9-hour program or a designed program for you.

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