Learn About Balance in Life—from a Cat!

Balance in Life

He walks into the room like he owns it, his eyes shining, his moustache twitching. He knows someone is about to suffer, and the thrill of it makes him shiver. His two underlings keep still. They know what’s coming. They hope they might be spared this time, but of course they are not. He sees what he wants—and he takes it.

Mr. Zorro, my son’s cat, is 16 years old, and when you are a cat of that vintage, you have a well-earned sense of entitlement. You have conquered mountains—and you know how to have fun. Zorro’s trick, performed a few times a year, is to steal one of my dog’s beds. The victim of this robbery turns around and appropriates the other dog’s bed. The bedless dog, now utterly disconnected, mopes around looking for a new place to sleep, which invariably ends up being my bed, and I am now saddled with a restless, pacing dog.

It’s amazing the havoc this causes in my usually balanced household. Balance in life is a tricky thing. In my life, balance starts with a good night’s sleep. It’s that simple. When I have slept well, I have the energy and internal resources to deal with my day, whatever it may bring. When Zorro intentionally throws my household balance out the window, he is telling me how funny it is to screw with someone else’s comfort and how limiting it is not to be able to dance with circumstances.

There is no easy solution to the chaos Zorro can cause. Once he has taken over one of my dog’s beds, that dog won’t sleep in it anymore, even if Zorro has moved on to the other dog’s bed! I have to purchase two new beds, and the cat shelter is the lucky recipient of the used beds.

Let this little story be one more lesson a cat can teach us. Mr. Zorro is a born leader—he has established power over not just one dog but two. How? By knowing what he wants and being willing to take it. More importantly, by knowing how to have fun while still getting respect. He also keeps me on my toes figuring out how to continue having a good sleep so that I can stay in balance.

Zorro is the happiest cat in the world, sleeping in that stolen bed. He stretches and purrs and smiles. He sits in the bed, observing the dogs and the flow, or lack of it, in the household. When one of the dogs steps over that invisible line he has drawn, he takes a warning swing at them—and his eyes shine with delight.

How do you have fun and yet maintain balance in your life? What is different and unique about your leadership style? Do people respect you? What is your cat—or dog—teaching you?

XOXO Monica

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